To live in a global world and not lose its identity. Try using watercolors to answer the question:

What is your identity? What are its components? And as a result, reflect your identity through art.

Rules for participation:

— The exhibition can be attended by artists from around the world aged 18 years and older.

— The exhibition can take part only original work, executed in watercolor, made by the author in person, over the last two years.

— Each participant can submit only one work. Format: 40×30 cm (vertical or horizontal orientation).

— The theme is your identify.

— Photographs of the submitted works must correspond to the works actually delivered to the exhibition.

— A digital image of the work in jpg (JPG) format, with a size of at least 3 Mb but not more than 7 Mb, with a resolution of at least 300 DPI. The name of the image should be in the format “COUNTRY + NAME + NAME OF WORK + SIZE OF WORK” jpg.

PS: When submitting the work, all artists agree that their work can be used for advertising purposes of the exhibition and event.

All questions regarding the exhibition should be sent to the official page of the event International watercolor education centers Palac Lucja IWS  or email:

Your International watercolor education centers Palac Lucja IWS — Khrystyna and Siegmund Dransfeld

Your identity through watercolor_hot_polska.pdf
Your identity through watercolor_hot_de.pdf
Your identity through watercolor_hot_rus.pdf

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1st International Biennale of watercolor art in Poland “Your identity through watercolor” 2020:

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